Additional Required Forms

Please complete all three forms and click submit to complete your dog’s enrollment in Dog Camp


• We have a strict 24 hour cancellation policy: Signing below acknowledges that you will assume responsibility to pay for the services. If the customer does not cancel at least 24 hours before the scheduled walk they will assume responsibility of paying for the whole cost of the walk.

• Burlington Dog Camp personnel may enter your home for the purpose of picking up/returning your pet and to transport your pet by car.

• Burlington Dog Camp personnel assume no liability for any illness or injury caused to your pet or to other personas, pets or property. If your pet becomes injured or ill, Burlington Dog Camp is hereby authorized to take your pet to the nearest animal care facility and the owner of the pet shall pay such expense.

• Each dog must have the below listed items or qualities every time your dog is walked;

  1. A Collar

  2. Name tag with owners name and number

  3. Name tag with city license

  4. Name tag with Burlington Dog Camp (802)734-1367

  5. Up to date on shots including Rabies

  6. Nails trimmed

  7. Towel at door

  8. Be in good health

  9. Orange safety vest during hunting season and appropriate winter gear (jacket & booties for dogs with hairy paws)

By signing below you understand the above policies of Burlington Dog Camp.

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2) Release of Liability

Upon signing this agreement, I hereby agree to enroll my dog or dogs in Burlington Dog Camp program. I am aware that Burlington Dog Camp will be providing professional care for my dog(s) at all times. I fully understand and accept that there is a certain amount of risk involved in my dog(s) participating in the off-leash and socialization activities of Burlington Dog Camp.

By signing this agreement, I hereby release, hold harmless and agree to indemnify Burlington Dog Camp, Tina Levinson, and/or any of its employees or independent contractors from any and all liability arising from participation of my dog(s) in any of the activities while in the care of Burlington Dog Camp. Such release of liability and indemnification includes, but is not limited to, the following;

  • Any injury or death my dog(s) cause to other persons and/or dogs.

  • Any damage to any property caused by my dog(s).

  • The injury or death to my dog(s) by other dogs or other persons.

Should any financial liabilities arise from any of the above stated conditions, I agree to assume full responsibility for said liabilities and agree to fully indemnify Burlington Dog Camp, Tina Levinson and/or any of its employees and independent contractors.

My dog(s) are not aggressive toward other dogs or people and does not run away.

I agree and certify that my participation in Burlington Dog Camp activities is strictly voluntary.

I represent and certify that I am 18 years of age or older.

My signature on this Release Agreement constitutes my full and complete approval and agreementto the terms and conditions contained herein.

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How can the Dog Owner enhance their dogs experience at Dog Camp?

We want to help your dog live the happiest and fullest life possible and needs your help to accomplish their mission. Can you help them achieve their goal of providing your dog the best life possible? Can you help them give your dog the opportunity to be free, socialize with other dogs and just be a dog? If you said YES! then we would love to help your dog achieve that at Dog Camp. We can’t do this without You! We will give you tips and insights on basic training that will help your dog have a better experience and ensure they’re welcome at Camp.

Every dog goes through a learning process at Camp. This process is sometimes difficult for dogs because of different expecta- tions they have at home. For instance, we might ask that dogs remain calm before going out of the house and getting into the car. The dogs will learn that only calm behavior gets them out that door for a day of fun at Camp. By rewarding calm behavior we set them up to make more positive interactions with the other dogs in the car and on the trail. Dogs don’t like other dogs that don’t listen or have little self control. We may ask you to work on this skill at home. Help your dog make friends faster by following through with the training tips your we suggest.

What is the Dog Owners role and responsibility?

Dog Camp is a privilege for well behaved dogs. It’s a service dedicated to enhancing the lives of the dogs and not for intense behavior modification like people or dog aggression. It is also not a place for dogs with poor basic obedience like running off or dogs that are consumed by fear in stressful situations. Should your dog display signs of aggression or develop aggression, it’s the owners responsibility to pull the dog out of Dog Camp and consult a professional trainer so you can help your dog overcome the problem behaviors. We may also pull your dog out of Dog Camp until the behavior has been resolved. By allowing your dog to join a Dog Camp it’s your responsibility to keep your dog trained and social. This responsibility should not fall on Burlington Dog Camp as it risks your dogs life, the safety of the pack and the Dog Camp provider. It also puts our job in jeopardy.

Your dog is always your responsibility and having a well trained, socialized dog minimizes those risks when you give another person permission to take your dog. It is our job to limit those risks to the pack and the community but ultimately it is your dog and your responsibility should they cause harm to another person, dog or property. This is why we ask you to take our suggestions seriously because it is all for the love of dogs and giving them an amazing experience. We want your dog to be a part of this awesome experience but must do what’s best for the pack and the safety of the public.

By signing below you state that you understand these responsibilities to your dog, the public, the pack and to Burlington Dog Camp.

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