Welcome to Burlington Dog Camp


Welcome to the wonderful world of Dog Camp! We are dedicated to your dog’s happiness and well-being. Dog Camp provides an opportunity for your dog to socialize, exercise and learn basic obedience and manners off-leash, in the real world and in a pack setting. Daycare and training should be an adventure!

What is Dog Camp?

Dog Camp is a dog walking service for friendly and well-behaved dogs. The dogs are picked up at their homes and transported with their buddies to off-leash friendly areas to hike, swim, play, socialize, sniff and learn. Dog Camp is similar to a half-day dog daycare since it runs for roughly 3-4 hours. Dog Camp is great for adventurous dogs who love to run and play outside then spend the rest of their day resting. Dog Camp is also good for dogs who find the traditional dog daycare setting to be too overwhelming or confining.


What makes Burlington Dog Camp so special and different?

We purposely limit the number of dogs in our pack, making the experience for your dog intimate and comfortable. Fewer dogs means more individual attention and stronger bonds between the dogs, making interactions more predictable, comfortable and safe. We have an extensive interview process for making sure each dog has good obedience and a friendly demeanor toward people and other dogs. We want your dog to be playing with other friendly and obedient dogs so that he or she doesn’t bring home or develop bad manners. 


We carefully choose dogs that are suitable for Dog Camp and have a training plan in place for every type of problem that may arise on the trail. Your dog will learn important basic obedience on the trail to help build up his or her self-control. Teaching each dog how to regulate its emotions is the foundation for good behavior out on the trail. Most dogs must learn new rules at Dog Camp that can be difficult for them to follow and for some, impossible at first. We provide a friendly environment to play and release energy while helping them learn self-regulation skills through pack walks, sit stays, down stays, recalls, calm play with people and other dogs, getting out of the house calmly, getting into the car calmly and learning how to interact appropriately in a pack setting.

The biggest difference between a traditional dog daycare and Dog Camp is that Dog Camp is an adventure with REAL WORLD distractions. Distractions can be unpredictable and our goal is to make sure that your dog learns to respond as predictably as possible so as to make everyone’s experience pleasant.