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Dog Camp

Burlington Dog Camp is a 2 hour, off-leash walk on private land. We pick up your dog at your home, take them on a 2 hour adventure with other dogs and drop them off at home nice and tired. Dogs that do well at camp are dogs with a high social drive—they love people and playing with other dogs. If your dog loves other dogs and people, likes to stick with the pack, does well in the car, then Dog Camp is perfect for your dog!! We are typically gone for 3-5 hours, based on the location of the land we are walking and the order of pick-up and drop off. 

Price: $35/Day


Overnight Care

Currently we only provide overnight care for our dogs that we have gotten to know through camp. Dogs sleep wherever they are most comfortable, often in bed. They will spend time with our dog Ziggy and get plenty of exercise and love.

Price: $50/Night

Payment Options

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